Chapter Twenty-Seven

"I'm going to kill him myself when I find him," Lucy fumes as she stands in front of the Alfred Hitchcock statue. "Oh, Kevin's here, all right. Kevin @#$%^&*Costner!!"

But, as she turns to leave, she notices a note in the waxen hand of Hitchcock that seems out of place. Glancing side to side, she leans over and snatches it. "You were followed. Meet me at midnight in the control room of the Tower Bridge. Make sure you aren't followed this time! K"

With a stealthy look around, Lucy skulks out of the Wax Museum, wondering who was following her and why. Looking down at her formfitting, electric blue dress, she concedes that she might be a tad conspicuous. "I can do drab and commonplace," she decides, dashing into a second hand shop a few streets over.

Several minutes later, Lucy exits, an exercise in drab, dreary and dreadful. Clad in mud-brown loafers, with dingy brown socks, an ill-fitting skirt of a tweed that might have at one time been brown and green, along with a blouse that had at one time boasted hand-made lace, now badly hand-mended, and topped by a bulky knit sweater that had been fashionable twenty years ago. As a finishing touch, Lucy snatches a matching knit beret and jams it down on her head. Stuffing her other clothes in a canvas tote, she heads off to become one with London, to vanish into the streets, eluding her follower.

While lurking around the streets, she recalls her previous plan to visit Christ Church College in Oxford, but looking down at her outfit, she decides that a phone visit was more in order. After all, she wanted to be taken seriously, not ejected as an eyesore.

Using a payphone, Lucy carefully negotiates a call to the establishment, planning to arrange an interview. "What do you mean, there's no Dr. V. Cassidy? My fiancÚ worked on a twin study with him several months ago. Is this the Psychiatric School? It is? Okay, maybe I got the initial wrong. Let me speak with Dr. Cassidy. Nobody even close?? You never had anybody by that name? No twin study, either? Are you absolutely certain?"

Hanging up the telephone, Lucy is stunned. She reaches into her bag to consult the itinerary which Kevin had been given months ago and realizes that either Kevin has been mislead, or this is the Twilight Zone. "Well, I can't start at the beginning if there's no beginning to start at."

More determined than ever to meet up with Kevin at the Tower Bridge, Lucy sets out, stopping only to dine on fish and chips, and to wait until the appropriate hour. This time, with several minutes to spare, Lucy makes her way to the Tower only to find that it is locked, and that there is no way she can get in.

In disgust, she heads back to the Savoy, completely ignoring the disapproving glances of the patrons as she enters the hotel at around 2am. Once in her room, she picks up the phone, and then, as she realizes that she might be being bugged, leaves the room and heads back outside to find a public phone. Hmmmmmmmmm

Luke is in shock. He is sitting in Sonny's penthouse, grim, somber and stone cold sober. Ruby is upstairs, putting Lesley Lu to bed, while Sonny and Mike take care of security arrangements. His mind spinning with the horrors of possibly losing his beloved wife, his sister, his estrangement from Lucky and the news of Lulu's paternity, along with the murder of a niece he'd never expected to meet, combined with the presence of the Cassadine family in Port Charles, Luke is struggling to take it all in. When had it begun? When had his life started to turn to ****? Or, had it ever been anything else, just all dressed up and packaged to look like something good? He wished he could get drunk enough to forget it all, but experience taught him that there was no such thing as drunk enough. Besides, coming back to it was only made worse by the hangover from hell.

As he sits there, Sonny answers the phone. "Lucy? Hey, Lucy!! How's it going? Oh, yeah, that envelope. I don't know if he's seen it yet or not. Hold on, I'll get him." Handing the phone to Luke, Sonny says, "It's Lucy. She's all upset about something--did you ever read that letter I gave you?"

Shaking his head, Luke takes the phone and says, "Sorry, Luce--been a little busy. Okay, a lot drunk. No, I haven't read it. What? There isn't a Dr. V. Cassidy? No twin study, either?"

Suddenly, a mental light goes on, and we see Luke's eyes take on a familiar gleam. "Luce, darlin' you've done it again! It may not make sense to you, baby, but it's ringin' all sorts of bells in my head!! Listen to me, Lucy, and listen good! Get the hell out of London and meet me in Paris. I'll meet you at, let me see, what time is it? Okay, I'll meet you at six-thirty pm Monday by the Arc de Triomphe. Just hang around there looking as inconspicuous as possible. I'll find you."

Hanging up, he turns to Sonny. "I need a favor."

"Name it."

"I need some serious cash and a fast plane to Paris."

"No problem," Sonny says. "Let me make a few calls." Hmmmmm

Stefan picks up the phone and makes a call. "She's coming in your direction......Monte Carlo?.....Yes, that would work. It may take a day or two to get her there, but it will be arranged. I have news. Bobbie Jones has apparently attempted suicide. She's critical. It is already being done. You know why we are doing this, and we cannot afford sentiment. There is too much at stake........I agree......One more thing--she was seen making a call from a public phone. She suspects that she is being followed. We are not certain who she called, but I have my suspicions.... That would not surprise me. Indeed?" Stefan grins. "That would be most interesting.....No, my friend, you've heard the term, 'a cold day in hell?' Make that a blizzard, and you might be close.........What have you learned about the other situation?........I see.........Arrangements will be made, and transportation will be ready at the "B" locations...... everything will be ready....... I will take care of the details....Excellent. Good luck, my friend!"

With that, he hangs up, and ponders his problems. Then, opening his computer, he smiles and starts to work. Hmmmmmm

Stay tuned!! Who bugged Lucy's room in London?? Who is playing mind games with her? Will she ever recover from the fashion faux pas she's forced herself to endure?? And, what has Luke come up with? What has returned the gleam of intrigue to his baby blues?? And, with whom was Stefan conspiring?? Has he set a trap for our beloved Lucy?? YIKES!!! Has it come down to Cassadine vs. Coe?? Hmmmmmm